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What's happening to my pear tree?

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This is the third year that my conference pear tree has had this problem, the leaves get black/brown speckles on them and then it spreads to the point that the whole of the leaf goes black and then falls off. The fruit does not seem to be affected although last year the fruit didn't seem to ripen all that well. It has now spread to another conference tree that is nearby but has not affected other fruit trees that are close to it (apple & greengage plum)

Any advice would be much appreciated

Many thanks in advance





Sounds and looks like Scab. This is related to Black spot on roses. Spray every 2 weeks with Copper sulphate (organic ish) or Dithane if you do not mind chemical sprays.
Bad year for it this, with the cool damp weather.

8 Aug, 2009


Many thanks for your reply, if i use the sprays will the fruit still be ok to eat?

8 Aug, 2009


Dithane affects the fruit for a fortnight I think (not sure, never used it0, but copper sulphate is ok as long as you wash the fruit before consumption.

8 Aug, 2009


I'm sorry but this is not scab. It is a pest called Pear leaf Blister Mite. They are microscopic plant parasites that live inside the leaves forming initially pinkish spots that later turn brownish black.

Google images to check it out.

9 Aug, 2009


Flipping heck ,how right you are. So sorry, blame my failing eyesight. Please accept my apologies.
Book suggests removing and burning all the affected leaves as the mites overwinter in the buds and start up again next season. No amateur chemical affects them . Leafless tree here we come eh?

9 Aug, 2009

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