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hi all , does anybody know were i can buy bulbs for ,
1 cardoon
2geranium psilostemon
3astrantia "shaggy
4cirsium rivulare" atoropurpureum"
5campanula "lactiflora"
6 aster xfrikartii "monch"

these were recommeded by carol klein in my daily mail
i have tried online to locate these bulbs but to no avail
and have no idea when they need to be planted

kind regards doogiedog

thanks TeeGee most helpful doogiedog
thanks to owdboggy scottish andrewr for all the info

regards doogiedog






cirsium rivulare" atoropurpureum"

Don't know!


aster xfrikartii "monch

Don't know

When I say don't know I mean the RHS does not know either!

I hope that helps!...Tg

14 Oct, 2012


thanks TeeGee, most helpful, i will investigate .

kind regards doogiedog

14 Oct, 2012


Almost any garden centre would sell these plants. They are herbaceous perennials though and not 'bulbs'. Perhaps that is why you have not been able to find them.

14 Oct, 2012


I was thinking the same as Owdboggy - most of these are stocked by all my local GCs.

14 Oct, 2012


Most garden centres normally sell plants that are in flower so customers can see what they're getting (very useful if they don't know anything about plants!)
If you go to Plant Finder on the RHS website, you can find nurseries selling the plants you are looking for - some may be local so you can visit them; others may provide plants by mail order.
If you are unsure how reputable a nursery is, you can ask another question here to see if they are recommended

14 Oct, 2012

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