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Pieris Forest Flame. How to care for it

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have my pieris (Forset Flame) in a pot with ericacious soil but would love to put it direct into the ground. I have already been told by various GoY members to plant it in a big hole filled with more ericacious compost but should it be in full sun, partial shade or full shade? I would also like to know when it flowers and any other care tips that would be helpful.
Many thanks. :~))




Hi Ian they need the sun for the bracts to turn red. Flowers are tiny and insignificant in spring

9 Aug, 2009


Your pieris will like full sun, Ian, but will tolerate part shade. The sun seems to help the colourfulness of the bracts bracts. It will produce sprays of white flowers in the spring. Remember that it will grow into quite a large shrub over the next ten years so give it plenty of room. I don't know if it can be pruned nicely, I lop sections out of ours as and when needed.

9 Aug, 2009


Thanks GoYs, I will put it in our sunny bed with plenty of room. :~))

9 Aug, 2009


my neighbour has hers in full sun and it does well, mine is in shade in acidy soil and is now thrieving with plently of new red growth.
as well as been in almost permenant shape, it sits behind my rhodadendrons.

9 Aug, 2009


That sounds lovely UN I don't get a lot of shade. I guess I will have to invest in some bigger shrubs etc. Lol

9 Aug, 2009


I've never thought Pieris like full sun - they are a woodland plant, so like dappled shade, acidic moisture retentive, but not wet, soil - I usually put them in half shade and half sun, which seems to suit them, and sometimes in situations where they only get an hour or two of sun.

10 Aug, 2009


We have a couple the one that gets the most sun is certainly the redder of the two in spring.

11 Aug, 2009


Now I'm really confused. I hope someone can give me a definative answer or else its going to get dizzy from all this to'ing and fro'ing ? ? ?

12 Aug, 2009


That's the snag with growing plants Ian... we all have differing opinions!

12 Aug, 2009


Well I guess I shall have to put it where I like it best. Now will it be full sun or a shady area?..............

12 Aug, 2009

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