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Black Pearl Chilli,
Can anyone please tell me if my plant ( cold greenhouse) is a perennial ?
My packet of five seeds resulted in only two seedlings and now just the one plant with bunches of small black peppers,just beginning to change colour to red.
It is a bit 'woody'.?
(Unwins Grow-sure)



Personally I wouldn't bother as they are easy to grow!

Just save a few seeds from your current crop and sow them in spring!

If you do save them maintain a minimum night temperature of 12°C (54°F), but better results are achieved above 15°C (59°F).

So you see the expense of heating one plant doesn't justify the cost!

But the choice is yours!

14 Oct, 2012


Thanks for your reply. With only one plant from my 5 seeds (£2.99) I thought they were a difficult plant to grow!I will do as you suggest. I do not heat my greenhouse in the winter though,just cover things with fleece and hope for the best.

14 Oct, 2012

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