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I have too many nasturtiums and I am now pulling them out, Can I put these on the compost? or should I burn them?



I would burn them if I were you!

They are among the most prolific self seeders you can get.

To put them on the compost heap might mean that you will get new plants in any areas you place the compost!

But the choice is yours!

14 Oct, 2012


I always compost them and apart from the seeds that have already dropped where they are going I havent had a problem with the compost. if you arent certain then you can always pull the seeds off and bin them in the municipal waste.

14 Oct, 2012


i agree with teegee ,i had a couple of plants two seasons ago pulled them all out brushed up the seeds and they are still germinating

14 Oct, 2012


i still get plants germinating from where they grew but not from any of the composted one. perhaps my heap gets hot enough to kil them. it just seems a shame not to compost the wonderfully fleshy leaves.

14 Oct, 2012


There will be plenty of seedlings from where the plants are growing anyway, even if you gather up all the dropped seeds you can see. I would compost them.

14 Oct, 2012


Thanks everyone!

15 Oct, 2012

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