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By Masie

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Hi everyone! Our horse chestnut tree is very large and we think quite old however we have recently noticed a considerable amount of long splits of the bark on trunk and main branches,any ideas what this could be? Cheers, Masie



Could be thats its affected by lack of water, trees take about a year to show serious signs of water stress. Dry one year then an up rush of water.
Maybe just because of its age..

9 Aug, 2009


I do hope it hasn't got any nasty seepage from the cracks? There's an incurable disease affecting Horse Chestnuts, sadly.
I can't remember its could google it, though, or check out the RHS site.

10 Aug, 2009


It's some kind of canker that Spritz is thinking of and it is fatal, but the splits suppurate black stuff.

10 Aug, 2009


That's a good word - 'suppurate' - much better than 'seepage'!!

Poor trees, though - I hope it's not that, Masie.

10 Aug, 2009

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