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Potatoes - When will they be ready?

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi, this is my first year at growing potatoes and i'm after a little advice. I planted some King Edwards mid may and my friend told me i should be digging them up now, another friend told me i need to wait until the flowers have died and another friend told me it needs to be at least 18 weeks until i dig them up. As you can imagine this as left me a little confused on what is should be doing. If it helps i had a look in one container and they look small and in my other container i couldnt find any when checking near the top. Is it possible to leave them in too long?



Normally just as the flowers are fading. Water loads when they are in flower and then harvest after flowering. Possible small due to lack of water, the leaves can shelter the soil from any rain, thats the trouble with spuds in pots.
They can be left in too long as eelworm and slugs can start to burrow in and make the un desirable and therefore un edible.

9 Aug, 2009


Thanks for the quick response. looks like i will be digging them up soon. i think i will need to have a rethink about where i grow them next year. Although it was nice not to have to deal with slugs attacking the plants.

10 Aug, 2009


HEY WOMBLE ;) i can remember when i was little helping my grandad dig up his spuds wth no plant left on them,he always said your getting maximum growth from the plant & they taste better.. after flowering your plant should start to die slowly anyway, i agree wth nickyt you are more at risk from pests etc the longer you leave them in the soil but i would of thought theres less risk of pest & decease in container growing anyway >king edwards are not known for being a big potato (ideal for roasting not baking or chipping so they say).. SO my answer would be anytime after the flowers have died... hope ive helped in some way. x

10 Aug, 2009

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