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I have a five years old BEN CONNAN blackcurrant bush which is now swamped by neighbouring plants. Is it possible to transplant it to a new place or will it die?


By Widower

United States Us

I bought three gooseberry bushes and a row of autumn raspberries at the same time and this particular bush is getting inaccessible. I live at Mansfield, UK with sandy soil.



Yes, it will move quite well. If you can, move it this autumn taking a good root ball of soil. Any damaged roots or snags, trim lightly back.

A common practice with Blackcurrant bushes is to have several plants in pruning rotation. Half your stock plants will have been pruned hard back and will produce long strong shoots that flower and fruit the following season. The other plants would have been hard pruned the year before and will be fruiting in the current season. Alternate the pruning regime between the two groups.

When you move your Blackcurrant, you could take this opportunity to prune the top quite hard back to heavy wood in early spring and it should be fine. This will help the roots recover and produce good new wood.

You could increase your stock plant by taking this pruning as an opportunity to take hardwood cuttings too!

10 Aug, 2009

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