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Plants suitable for pots to plant in august

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to give colour as long as possible, preferably not needing too much water, full sun for half the day . Cheap would be good too! We will be replanting later with more shrubs when we hae thought a bit more about it - want a quick fix for now!



Gosh, lots of choice - where do you start? It's perhaps more a question of what's left in the garden centres at this time but you could probably find some decent bargains amongst annuals they might be selling off. Some hardy Fuchsias would certainly be good value for shape and colour and come back again next year. They may already have some winter pansies and violas in, though I like to leave planting those as long as poss. as I get a bit bored with purple and yellow. I've got nothing but pots so my lot are all my garden and I find August September a good time to plant up for next year while the temperature's still good. You can grow Buddleias in pots, I've also got Cosmos, delphiniums, roses, marigolds, lupins native geraniums, poppies called papaver nudicaule, michaelmas daisies (will soon be in flower), heliotrope, scabious, ceratostigma,cariopteris, flowering sage, nemesia confetti. I think almost anything will grow in a pot!

10 Aug, 2009


Buy parsley pots from the supermarket to mix in for fresh herbs.

10 Aug, 2009


Thanks Tessethepotter - actually, after posing the Q we decided to drie to Wisley. Bought some fuscias, heucheras (new to me) Penstemons, copper leaed dahlias (look great against the white wall) and white violas to go round the bottoms of the pots. Looking good!
Thanks ery much for your reply - will factor some of htis into our long term planning

11 Aug, 2009

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