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everlasting onion seeds


By June1

dorset, United Kingdom Gb

can anyone tell me where I can buy the seed or plants of everlasting onions I think theyre also called Allium Fistolosum,I have tried all over the internet,Or if anyone can sell me a plant I would be so greatful..I live in Dorset in the UK

On plant Allium



Hi: I wonder if you are talking about the "walking" 'nodding" or "Egyption" onions - they are perennial, hardy and multiply. If so, I an help if you live in Canada

17 May, 2008


Sorry I live in the UK they are the onions I want,Thanks for taking the trouble to write in

17 May, 2008


Hi Again: I wonder if it would be worthwhile trying to contact Lesley Bremness. She has written a number of books on herbs and used to have a nursery in the UK now I believe she has a company called "Through the Moonlight" garden design. I'l bet she could help you find the onions. By the way she calls them Allium Cepa var. Proliferum. Hope you have some luck finding them.

17 May, 2008


Blooms, I will try what you suggest, I have found a local garden centre that sell welsh onions (theyre everlasting)but more like spring onions I think as against the shallot type

18 May, 2008

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