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hello everyone, do I need to prune a cotinus grace put in this early Summer but now about 3ft high and 8 stems all arching outwards. I do want the shrub to be tall but will it just be leggy if I don't prune?Also how do I prune it?



This is aiming to be 15 feet wide and 20feet tall, so it sounds as though it's just starting to do its thing. If its in the wrong place, now's the time to move it!

15 Oct, 2012


If you want large leaves then it will need pruning back quite hard every spring. Or you could take out a third of the stems each year to keep in under control. The only drawback is that you won't get the frothy flowers if you prune every shoot, so maybe the 3rd off every year would be better if you want flowers. Don't prune at all for the first year to let it grow a good root system.

16 Oct, 2012


thanks steragram and volunteer for the advice, it's a beautiful shrub, don't think it will be too large for the spot it's in.

18 Oct, 2012

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