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By Bolwer

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

my pyracantha soleil d'or has no berries this year but was full last year.It is about 7yrs old and the label indicates it must not be pruned.The main trunk is about 1 ins thick and 7ft tall.If I cut this back to 2 or 3ft will it produce the berries like it used to or will I reduce its production as the label says.It has been fed with fish & bonemeal.



i only prune mine if the branches get in the way of the path. i have very few berries this year too. when they were in flower we had a lot of rain and very few pollinating insects. so thats the cause i reckon.

So do you need to prune it? is too big? if not then see what next season brings.

15 Oct, 2012


I'm struck by the label saying it must not be pruned. Very odd, you can prune all you like, but its best done after the flowers appear so you can see where they are and leave some to turn to berries - if they get pollinated.

15 Oct, 2012


is it an image of secaturs crossed out? that means doesnt need pruning rather than dont prune. i wonder if thats where the confusion comes from.

16 Oct, 2012

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