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Hello when & what do I do to and old curry plant that is looking a bit sad do I cut the flowers that are finished should I prune it in the passed it as just sort of looked after it's self but that was before I join GOY and can now get sound advice lol thanks :)



You can prune it down quite a bit if my memory serves me right. though I would probably do it in the spring.

15 Oct, 2012


I have a bit if a sorry one too , Kidsgran , so I'll be looking out for your replies .

15 Oct, 2012


Yes best to give it a good prune in the spring, it should respond but sometimes if the plant is very old and woody then it may not respond, this plant is very easy to propagate so you could try raising some from cuttings, try some now, i have had success taking cutttings of these in the autumn.

15 Oct, 2012


Thank you all .

16 Oct, 2012

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