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Over the rather wet summer - I managed to save one or two of my herbaceous perennials which were suffering by lifting them from the borders and putting them into containers. They have all recovered/recovering.
I have wrapped all the containers with bubble wrap but unsure if I need to store them in full sun (which is where most of them prefer to grow) or can they be put into somewhere a bit more shaded and sheltered and brought back out in spring-time?
Thanks in advance.



if you can put them next to a wall in sun they would be happier. just remember that against walls they dont get much rain so getting too dry may then become a problem.

15 Oct, 2012


Hi Angie, are you able to improve the drainage? As containers are really just a short term solution wherever you place them. I seem to remember that your garden flooded near a fence - can you add a very small drain at the worst part out of your garden?

15 Oct, 2012


Thanks SBG and Kildermorie.
I would love to be able to sort out the drainage in the part of the garden which regularly floods Kildermorie - but what affects my part is just a fraction to what happens in next door's garden and the next. Both their gardens are like swimming pools and mine just kinda gets the overspill or oversoak if that's a word :)) if you know what I mean. Neither of those neighbours care much for the garden so the cost would be left to me and there is no way it could be solved without MAJOR works!!
The part which flooded this year has never flooded before and I'm going to monitor this and may resort to a raised bed in this area as it's the sunniest part of the garden and a shame not to 'use' it!!

16 Oct, 2012

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