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I am trying to take a cutting of my sambuscus racemosa


By Debder

United Kingdom Gb

each cutting that I take has died.
Does anyone have any tips on this.

On plant Sambucus racemosa



Hi Debder,

I have just had my *first* success with cuttings taken from a sambuscus nigra and a Hydrangea which all rooted within two weeks using my new heated propagator, for a few days the nigra looked lifeless then I noticed it started to straighten up and yesterday I realised that all the cuttings had developed roots and I now have just re potted them all.
All I did was follow the advice on taking cuttings AND used a heated propagator, that is my story and I hope you find success because it was such a thrill knowing it had worked, good luck.

11 Aug, 2009


You could also try hardwood cuttings, taken in January or February which should root fairly easily

11 Aug, 2009

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