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I live in a ground floor rented flat. My front door opens on to the unused communal garden area, my landlord has given me permission to put up a 'privacy screen' so that i can sit in the garden (which is 3 feet from the road!) without being stared at by all & sundry! anyone got any ideas what i could put up? shrubs would take too long to grow to be effective, i am looking at somehting approx 5ft high, about 1 and half panels in length? any all suggestions welcome



Reed, heather or willow screen come on a roll in various heights, just needs fixing to some strong post banged into the ground. Relatively cheap. Can be a bit dusty when new out the pack or untill the rain washes it, so just a warning. Garden centres do it, company called Tenax do too, but not sure if they deal direct with public

11 Aug, 2009

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