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l live in a area of france which is know for it's hard winters. l have some small ( this years) fushia cutting planted in a cold frame, would l cover them with fleece and leave them out side or would it be better to move them into an under heated shed.



It depends if the shed has a window. If it has, I'd put them near the window, but cover with fleece, for extra protection. Otherwise, leave them where they are but fleece them well. Good luck.

16 Oct, 2012


Also depends if they are hardy ones or not. It is the roots that need protection from frost so anything you can do to prevent freezing should be OK. Keep them on the dry side too. But in a harsh winter they would be much safer in the shed. With a larger plant they can be dried until the leaves drop and overwintered even in the dark, as long as they are brought into the light and warmth in early spring and started off again.I would always overwinter small cuttings indoors, hardy or not if you possibly can. Otherwise, fleece them as Waddy says, and insulate the cold frame with bubble wrap.

16 Oct, 2012


many thanks for all the advise.

16 Oct, 2012

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