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Worm Composting


By Jay

I am new to worm composting and I need some advice. How can I tell when worm compost is ready to use? How long will worms survive if I stop adding new waste? What is the best use for worm compost when it is finished? Do I need to mix it with ordinary soil before using it for planting or can it be used as is?



Worm compost is ready when dark and crumbly. You can encourage the worms up to the top couple of inches with breadcrumbs! then they are easy to put to one side while you get the compost out, then replace them with a little compost and start again. The worms will only survive whilst there is food to eat, so if you are not going to add material then let them out into a regular compost heap or corner with lots of leaf/plant debris (or offer them to another gardener!) The compost can be used as it is around the garden, it is very fertile and good for all plants, perhaps save it for ailing plants or for big feeders like tomatoes/potatoes/squash. It could also be mixed with leafmould and maybe a little sand to make a home-made potting compost (if you're trying to give up peat!) But it would be a bit rich for seedlings.

12 Mar, 2007


Please dont let them die!! - they make wonderful compost - I use it as a top dressing and mixed in my hanging baskets - the water that comes out of the bottom is great as a feed when diluted with water (1 to 10 parts) they do a really good job of eating bank statements!! just shred them first and add when you add your kitchen waste. The worms come to the top to feed and when they leave the bottom the compost is ready - I use a wormery that comes in 3 stages as that is easier.

9 May, 2007

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