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Knip-off problem on Kniphofia?

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Actually, I don't think the emerging flower buds of this plant were in fact 'knipped off' by some sneaky slugs. A few weeks ago some slugs managed to do some very similar, almost identical damage. I then got wise, having realised this is a food source they like to munch, and arranged an anti-slug assault course of copper tape, copper ring, sharp sand, and anti-slug gel as well. They can't have got past that lot in the night! And yet the newer flower heads are still developing, unfolding themselves in this rather poor, half-formed way. It is a fairly dwarf variety (I've lost the name label) growing in a 16" diameter pot, and the plant is about 18" tall. The size of plant seems approximately ideally suited to the size of pot it is in, so the roots should be happy and feeling uncramped. Positioned in full sun. What is wrong? I had high hopes of it. Help much appreciated.




if there has been insect damage in the very early stage of the flower deveolpment this would cause the distortion. Also some young plants produce a small flower in its first year of flowering.
there is a lot of foliage there, mind, so it will need a very good root run with plenty of water.

12 Aug, 2009


I acquired the plant as a young-un in a 2 litre pot last summer. I potted it on and grew it on for the rest of that year, in which it got a fair bit bigger but not to its full size. By early summer of this year it got up to what I think is now its full stature. So should I now think of it as 'mature', or should I let it age a bit more before expecting good flowers? More time perhaps? ... Gets watered most days.

12 Aug, 2009


it will be better next year as it gets 'mature' so dont bin it yet :o)

12 Aug, 2009


Ah, that's what I needed to know. OK, will be patient and hope and have faith. Funny, because I thought only shrubs and woody stemmed things needed to mature/age, rather than perennials. Much thanks.

12 Aug, 2009

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