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jasminum polyanthum

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This has flourished on the side of our house for nearly 10 years. Suddenly this spring all the leaves turned red thyen brown and droopy. TRhe plant looks dead.

Two questioons: can it be revived and if so how.? if it is dead and we dig it up is iot safe to plant another in the same place?

On plant Jasminum polyanthum



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if you scrape back a bit of bark with your thumb nail and look at the underlying wood. if it is green it is still alive so i'd prune it back and give it a very good feed. if it is brown then sadly it is dead.
it is generally not a good idea to plant the same species or a closely related species in the same spot. if it was disease that killed it then the cause may/will still be in the soil.

12 Aug, 2009

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