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ideas for a stream?


By Sissy

United States Us

I am blessed with a beautiful, spring fed brook running through my front yard. The water is shallow and swift, the banks are grassy. Some spots are soggy. I just want to enhance its natural beauty. Any ideas? (I live in zone 4)



Do I envy you! What would you like best? natural stuff? If you have swift shallow water (over stones I presume) have you thought about watercress? There are some really interesting pitcher plants too. they like soggy spots. there are irises that like the waterside and there are plants like forget-me-not...and marsh marigold (caltha palustris which are perennials...I suggest googling water plants...and see why you come up with. Have fun!

17 May, 2008


Take a look at my blog of 2nd May - we also have a stream and I recently planted up the bank!

17 May, 2008

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