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Please can someone identify the plant shown in the photo

United Kingdom Gb

The plant is over 15 ft tall, it grows in my garden in South Devon and it grows new stems every year but the old ones do not die off.




Could it be maize or sugarcane?

13 Aug, 2009


its a grass like sweetcorn. need more information to identify it though

13 Aug, 2009


It looks rather like sorghum to me. I grew a variety called 'poor man's sugar cane' supplied by Chilterns seeds a few years ago. Could it be this?
Where is it growing?

13 Aug, 2009


I'm going to take a stab at Arundo donax. That slightly glaucus look to the foliage, the yellowish ligule and the robust look to it's stems/culms does seem to indicate it.

I'm guessing (without scale) that it stands over 5ft?

13 Aug, 2009


If it's an annual and dies at the end of the season or produces an obvious grain or cob, then it's sorghum or maize. If it survives and comes back next year, then Fractal is right. Looking at the Google search 'images' of 'Canne de Provence' or Arundo donax, some look a bit like it, but quite a few don't.
Intriguing! Would like to know where Johnmarshall took the photo if possible.

14 Aug, 2009

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