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composting old pillows


By Ksmerd

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I have some old feather pillows that are well past their sleep by date. I thought about doing an Icarus but don't have a head for heights. Will they compost?



I can't wait to see the answers to this one! I've no idea, but what strikes me immediately is that you may end up with some unwelcome visitors who want the feathers to use as soft bedding, such as mice and rats.

13 Aug, 2009


They will compost Ksmerd. In fact feathers provide lots of proteins as they break down. I don't think I'd add them all at once. I'd add a handful or two at a time and mix them in well. That should discourage any rodents making their home in them.

13 Aug, 2009


I can't honestly see why not - except if you added the whole lot at once - which would make a lovely home for mice as Bamboo rightly says!
However if they were added a bit at a time - like we all add our hoover bag contents etc there shouldn't be a problem - after all - they are organic in origin, obviously, so would probably break down OK. albeit slowly. The only other snag I can think of is that some of these things are treated with nasty, chemicals before being used as stuffing...mind you - if they are that old - they maybe didn't do that in the bad old days!! I would certainly risk it....just make sure they are well mixed in - you don't want the neighbours gardens covered in them!!

13 Aug, 2009


do it :)

13 Aug, 2009


Yes, you will get a lot of different ideas on this one. I've dug feathers in the open ground, only to dig them up next time round, they are useless to compost. Put them in the bin.

13 Aug, 2009


Reference the cosy rodents, I do my composting in a sealed bongo which means I can control the damposity of it and roll it up and down the road to mix it. Imagine the insurance claim if I ever hit a car.
Info for alzheimer.

A bongo is a largeish strong (very) plastic drum, much like an oil drum with a snap on lockable ring clip to hold the lid on. I've made an access hole at the bottom with a lid that I screw on with 1/2 a doz self tappers. This keeps out the vermin a treat. They also make superb tool chests as they are absolutly air tight until adulterated and, as i say, lockable. Have a mooch around an industrial estate, you'll find them, usually blue. Just find out what they originally held .


13 Aug, 2009


I am not familiar with a "bongo composter" ha ha ...but if you are hoping to speed up the process....nipping up and down the road banging into cars etc ...don't add the feathers!! They are SLOW to go!!
Never mind the insurance man's face if you had to claim....just imagine yours..if the thing burst open half way along the road!!

13 Aug, 2009


Blimey , Ksmerd...I had sussed that this was a DIY composter...I was just pulling your leg! And believe me I have more composters and heaps around my garden than than fingers on both hands! The last thing I need is a blue plastic drum rolling around the place. Nevertheless is sounds like a great idea and I will pass along the info to the local "allotmenters" etc. I prefer the idea of keeping tools etc in them....but
I still wouldn't put your feathers in it though...they are for the LOOONG term compost heaps!!!

13 Aug, 2009

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