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Are Geraniums hardy all year round plants and can they survive frosty nights ? like to know thanks orchid1



Depends on which "Geraniums" you mean - if you mean the summer bedding "Geranium", commonly called that, but actually Pelargoniums, no, they don't usually survive the winter - the wet kills them. If, though you mean the hardy cranesbill type Geraniums (true Geraniums) then yes, they do.

13 Aug, 2009


Depends on the kind of "Geraniums" you mean. There are hardy geraniums that are as tough as old boots and survive very happily in the border. If you mean the kind that are used in hanging baskets and troughs and as summer bedding - the answer is no - but you can pot them up before the frosts and pop them into a greenhouse - or house windowsill and keep them (on the dry side) until spring - when they will start into life again and you can either take cuttings then or just re-use the old plants. Personally - I start afresh with new stock unless it is something very special I want to keep going!!

13 Aug, 2009

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