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chilli pepers

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

We have about 40 chilli peppers on one plant in the greenhouse, name of them we are not sure about, they have gone from green to bright red, can we store them for later use, if so what is the best way to store them.
many thanks.



I'd have a look on the internet, in the past i've pickled them and also put them in olive oil for chilli oil--but i think you have to remove them or the go mouldy, how about chopping and freezing--old icecube trays--but don't get them mixed up.......

14 Aug, 2009


much appreciated, thank you.

14 Aug, 2009


Have grown chillis for a few years now. I keep one plant of each indoors throughout winter, and they keep producing chillis into January. Freezing is only one option: you can also "string them up", using needle and thread (push needle through thickest part at base of the stalks) and hang up to dry. They can be cut off as required, chopped, or grated into flakes. Whatever you do, wear gloves and still wash hands afterwards.

4 Mar, 2010


Hey David thanks for that, we have a basin full of chillies still, brought the plant in during the winter and finally stripped the chillies off in January,

4 Mar, 2010


Well, that was a lucky coincidence, wasn't it? A lot of people discard the plants at the end of summer, not realising that they are perennials, if kept in the right place. Whatever you do with yours - enjoy! :-))

4 Mar, 2010


Take the stalks off. wash them then dry the moisture off with paper towels. They can then be placed into a lidded container and frozen whole. Use as required for cooking.Will keep for months on end.

21 Apr, 2010

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