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Hi everyone, I'm asking for your advice again. I have 'mind your own business' growing in my flower beds, which I do quite like. However, it is rampant, completely covering the ground around and among all my plants and shrubs. my question is - does this harm the plants in any way, taking nourishment from the ground around them? It looks nice, especially tumbling over brick edging etc and tends to keep weeds at bay, but is it to the detriment of the plants? I'd be grateful for any insights you may have.



It is rather rampant but I occasionally pull large wads of it up if it gets too out of hand. I like it because it grows in dark corners and helps keep a mud wall from collapsing.

18 Oct, 2012


At last a fan like me! i control it by just chopping the edge with a spade.
it takes no nourishment from the soil as it is very shallow rooting.
enjoy and don't listen to the books and experts.
so much better than grape hyacinth - no theres a real monster!

18 Oct, 2012


Biologically it will take some nutrients, mainly nitrates from the soil for its growth but you can get round this by ensuring you feed the other plants in the spring.
as previously said however it is easy to remove sections you dont want.

18 Oct, 2012

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