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Does anyone know whats attacking my grape vine?

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About 2 weeks ago my grape vine was looking glorious- with new grapes a plenty. Then, sneakily, the leaves have started turning pale, and the grapes shrivelled and purple!

I have only recently thought to look under the leaves- the attached photo shows what I found.

Does anyone out their know whats happening here- and more to the point, what I can do to stop it!?

Thank you in advnace for your time.




This is likely to be downy mildew, did you have the hot dry period in June followed by a lot of rain the July?

19 Aug, 2009


Yes, it was hot early in the spring/summer down here by the seaside (Hastings)- any suggestions how to get rid of it if it is downy mildew?!... the poor thing has gone from looking tremendous to quite sorry for itself!! ???

Many thanks in advance for your time on this!!!


19 Aug, 2009


The only thing I can think of is bordeaux mix - checking the web you can buy it from this site

Oh and no problem with helping Peter, we are al here to help each other and learn

19 Aug, 2009

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