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tomatoes are rotten underneath


By Kzzzzh

United Kingdom Gb

i am having a problem with one of my tomato plants, each tomato is going brown and rotten underneath as they ripen, it is a standad size tomato plant but i cant remember the name. the cherry and plum tomatoes are fine, any ideas please?



If you've got brown mottled colour sounds like blight is it on the leaves and stem??

14 Aug, 2009


Do you mean that the tomatoes themselves are going brown and rotten at their bases? If so - one reason could be "Blossom end rot"
This happens if the watering has not been very even and the compost dries out - something tomatoes hate. Those fruits are of course useless - just bin them but as long as you sort out the watering asap ..the rest of the crop should be OK. Tomato bags are very difficult to keep watered ..if that is how you are growing these tall plants.

14 Aug, 2009


hi yes they are in grow bags but in pots with the bottom cut out first, it probably is the watering i will take extra care is only on the fruit

14 Aug, 2009

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