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Why do my peaches split and rot

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I bought a peach tree which I planted in a very large pot.
I have sprayed it for peach leaf curl in Nov. and Feb. and it has prevented that and put on a lot of healthy growth. This year it was covered in fruit which I thinned out to 2 ins. apart. However, I now only have 4 fruits left as the rest have rotted, split and dropped off. I feed every fortnight and water daily. It occurs to me that I may be over-watering? The tree came from Italy and it occurs to me that perhaps it doesn't get much water in a natural environment?



does sound like overwatering.
'just one more waffer thin mint?'...bang!

maybe think about getting a drip system set up.( a simple hose with one end blocked off, a 2mm hole in the hose, a drip nipple in the hole and then a final delivery hose a few mills diametre, resuting with a special 'slow flow drip peg kind of thing.' going in to the soil.

or repot in the dormant season, adding some horticultural wick to the base of the pot, then stand the pot so the wick is in a small reservoir of water, then the plant only takes what it needs, by the wicking action.

i help produce 1000's of fruit trees in containers and we use the dripper system i described

best regards from james

5 Sep, 2009

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