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What's the difference between a sloe berry and a damson. Thanks


By Merri

United Kingdom Gb

Was told the tree in my new garden was a sloe, but I think it's a damson



now i could be wrong, but as i reckon, sloes are more like blackcurrants and damson like tiny plums

14 Aug, 2009


oh, and one is a tree (damson) and the other a bush (sloe)

14 Aug, 2009


Sloe is actually Prunus spinosa, or Blackthorn, and edible Plum (including Damsons) is Prunus domestica varieties. I know that sloes are quite small and the tree they grow on is spiny - but some plum trees have spines, though few. I guess you could google the names and see what pics you can find to try to identify your tree. Or you could just try eating one of the fruits!
have had a look on google - Blackthorn seems to be much more a shrub than tree, and the damson tree seems to be at least twice or three times as tall.

14 Aug, 2009


Never mind eating them...just make sloe gin.....hic!

14 Aug, 2009


Well if you put a sloe in your mouth you'll wish you hadn't and if you put a damson in your mouth you won't mind - providing its ripe!
Sloes are the fruiit of the blackthorn I believe, pick them now, prick all over with a pin and put in a bottle with gin and sugar and leave till Christmas.

14 Aug, 2009


That's exactly my point, antigone - one taste and you'll know!

14 Aug, 2009

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