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I have a big crinodendrum, about 8 ft. it is very straggly and untidy. I need to know if I can prune and how much without ruining it. When should this be done? Would be very grateful for your help.



I looked this up in the RHS book on pruning, and all it said was "No special needs" I think they get a lot bigger than 8 feet though, but you can keep them in bush form, which I guess means do what you think it needs!

19 Oct, 2012


Probably the best time to cut it back is just after the flowers fade

19 Oct, 2012


Thank you for the replies. I was also wondering if it would damage the crinodendrum if I cut quite a lot of it off now, to give it some shape.

20 Oct, 2012


If you are in a hurry why not do half of it now - just selected branches, and do the rest after flowering?

20 Oct, 2012

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