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How can I speed up the process of decomposition of leaves for compost ? I find garotta rather expensive.



Leaves require cold to decompose and turn in to leaf mould while compost requires heat.
So I dont put leaves in my compost, After mowing them up and/or using my leaf collector to cut them smaller, I put them in string or plastic bags with lots of holes (or you can use an open slatted bin) and leave the bags under the hedge or large shrubs, it usually takes just under a year, the colder the winter the quicker it happens.

19 Oct, 2012


You can't. It will take about 12 months. You may help by peeing on the pile once a week. Far better to simple mix with your normal compost heap and buy in good quality, controlled leaf mould. Still pee on the compost heap once a week. And make sure you have the proper worms. These can be got from the local fishing shop, sold as bait worms at about a few pennies for many! Southportsmith.

19 Oct, 2012


Do not mix green waste with dead leaves. Green waste is broken down by bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic), the action causes the compost to heat up and then cool. Dead leaves and twigs are broken down by fungi using a different process. As advised, store them in an old refuse bag with holes or in a wire cage and let nature take its course.

19 Oct, 2012


Do run the mower over them first though, as it speeds up decomposition somewhat. I tend to use the chopped leaves for winter mulch where the soil is less good. The blackbirds and thrushes love digging in it and although theoretically it depletes the soil of nitrogen I've not seen next years growth affected by this.

19 Oct, 2012


I did not realise that leaves decompose best under cold conditions as opposed to grass cuttings and etc generating heat. I have, however been using refuse bags and more recently, bulk bags as used for delivering sand etc.. I shall certainly try peeing on it, perhaps therefore, I'll try mixing in some ammonia. If it takes a year, I'll be happy, at present it only partly decomposes in that times. Also appreciate the advice on sourcing worms.
Many thanks for the info. so pleased that I joined 'Grows on you'.
.regards, Ray Lindsay.

20 Oct, 2012


Thank you to the three kind people who answered my question on composting leaves a year ago! I did not answer before because I had forgotten that I had joined Growsonyou and only discovered it again today.
Ray Lindsay

13 Sep, 2013


Welcome back

13 Sep, 2013

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