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Help please.
I have a fence about 50' long which catches the North wind. The fence runs East/West and is at the back of the garden facing North. I want to put in a very rugged hedge. Not to keep out wild life but the excess of the weather. Because I back onto open fields I am not worried about blocking out a neighbours view so am thinking of a hedge about 8' high with taller shrubs and/or trees growing through it to form a barrier maybe 20' to 30' high. The soil is fairly free draining sandy loam PH neutral. My greatest hate is Leylandii [ apart from a few right wing, millionaire political figures ]
Any ideas would be appreciated. Southportsmith



RHS website has a comprehensive section on windbreaks with a long list of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs that are suitable.

19 Oct, 2012


I've seen some really pretty tapestry hedges - a mixture of hawthorn, beech, holly and they are quite robust as well and probably not too expensive. I hate leylandii with a vengeance as well.

19 Oct, 2012


Thanks Wagger and Cammomile.
Wagger, the problem I have recently with the RHS is that so many of the old hands have been put out to grass and replaced with very enthusiastic youngsters who may give advice from a book and not the heart. I will not detract from their knowledge but prefer advice from older, dirty finger-nailed, gnarled and wind-browned gardeners.
Neverthless I will put it to them and see what they come up with.
Cammomile, thanks, I had completely forgotten about Holly, and what an excellent tree it is. Also, when you said Beech, I thought Hornbeam. Another quick growing example. Food for thought. Many thanks to you both.

19 Oct, 2012


Holly, Yew, Photonia, Laurels are all evergreen. Adding an evergreen with a deciduous tree like hawthorn, Blackthorn and Hornbeam will give a year round hedge and wind filter.

19 Oct, 2012


I was wondering abut blackthorn as it has such lovely blossom so early in the year, but be aware that it does sucker and run!

19 Oct, 2012


But at least you get sloes for the gin!

19 Oct, 2012


Many thanks KIldermorie, Stergram and Melchisedec, Much food for thought. I will make a comprehensive list of all your suggestions and incorporate them all into the final hedge. Southportsmith

20 Oct, 2012

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