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solar pond aerators/fountains

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me whether those solar pond things costing £30-£40 are any good? I realise it's necessary to have sunshine but given glorious sunshine (ho ho) do they work?



Yeah, they probably just scrape through if you live in Nevada or somewhere similar!

Need any more info? :-)

14 Aug, 2009


no there just for show .you can get a good pump thats not solar for about a £100 or better still look for a second hand one as when people give up fish keeping they tend to virtualy give there equipment away.they work as a bit of a fountain trickle but have know oomph.a gallon of water ways 10 pounds

14 Aug, 2009


I have a solar fountain and the pump runs quite happily when the sun shines,even when the sun dulls down it still pumps, it's a small pond, with Canadian pond weed,I keep frogs in it. I remove it in the winter and clean it ,put away .


15 Aug, 2009


Thanks Fractal and Noseypotter! I was going to say I'll save my money.Decided! Easy!
But now I'm going to pm Prune abou t hers before I make the decision.
Has anyone else actually got one of these?

15 Aug, 2009


trust me im 48 and kept fish since i could get me hands in me mums pond.ive bean in practical fish keeper.for a start ponds that need filtering need to run constantly winter,spring,summer etc .if you only have wildlife you dont need a pump and just for a pretty effect the solar ones are ok but you need consistent power if your filtering

15 Aug, 2009

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