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Red Hot Poker
I want to dig it up and put it elsewhere in the garden as it gets eaten alive in amongst the shrubbery, when would be the best time to move it :o)) xx Jackie xx



I have found them very forgiving and will survive being moved at any time but now is a very good time. I split mine every three years or so when they start to look like mini yuccas, you can see a lot of stem. Every year at this time or earlier if I have the time, I pull the leaves together and tie them round with garden wire. I cut off the foliage 2 inches above the tie. It protects next years flowers and the border looks a lot tidier. I also remove any rotting or torn leaves and then mulch them with a couple of inches of home made compost. When I dig them up to split them or move them I find the roots are very long. I chop off the excess and leave a good 4-6" of main stem with lots of smaller roots on it. Plant them with the soil reaching the top of the bare root. Sprinkle bone meal in the hole and mix it in with the fork. It helps the plant to establish new roots. Good luck.

20 Oct, 2012


Agree with Scotsgran. I also found mine eaten by slugs this year. They ate the middle of the stem and it collapsed, giving them the flowering part to feast on!

20 Oct, 2012


Its birds who spoil the flowers on our red hot pokers. We wondered why they were being so destructive but apparently its because they are after the nectar. Birds are sweet toothed too. The woodpeckers and tits love to hang on the flower heads and sip their fill. I've just posted a like this before you dig them up they will be easier to move.

20 Oct, 2012


Thanks for the info Scotsgran & Kildermorie, I know what I will be doing at the weekend.

Scotsgran. I'm a little confused with your last part of the comment......
(I've just posted a like before you dig them up they will be easier to move)?? What do you mean??
xx Jackie xx

20 Oct, 2012


Sorry Ladyessex, my brain runs away ahead of my fingers at times. It should read "I have just posted a photo of how I overwinter my kniphofias. If you tie up and trim your plants as I have done they will be easier to move." Sorry for confusing you. Old age doen't come by itself.

20 Oct, 2012


LOL, don't worry, I too have a Muddly Brain sometimes too. xx Jackie xx

20 Oct, 2012

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