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tomato plant leaves died overnight

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have 6 tomato plants that were very healthy but overnight the leaves died and the fruit is turning brown, I don't have a picture to show, any ideas? No weed killer has be used around these plants



It sounds like some weedkiller was sprayed somewhere locally and the breeze carried it into your garden/greenhouse. The drift can carry a remarkable distance and certainly could have the effect you describe.

PS Welcome to GOY...just realised that, like me - you have just joined this merry band of great GOYERS!!

15 Aug, 2009


I have not used any weedkiller anywhere in the garden for about 3 months, and where the plants are located is no where in the vicinity of paths or where weedkiller has be sprayed evr

15 Aug, 2009


I am not saying that YOU did the spraying Gilliamfoote...far from it but perhaps a neighbour or even a passing council truck doing the streets etc could be the culprit. That happened to a friend one year and she lost everything in her greenhouse because it had been a breezy day.

Perhaps some other - more erudite Goyers will have other suggestions however.

15 Aug, 2009


I am afraid that I will just be saying 'blight' again. It can happen very suddenly; think of the Irish potato famine, that happened overnight.
And please, a little less of the 'erudit, Alzheimer, we are very sensative beings on GoY :-)

15 Aug, 2009


Tut tut, sensitive that you can't accept sad :))) After all erudite does mean "having or showing profound knowledge" and the blight theory
proves my point!!!

15 Aug, 2009



15 Aug, 2009


Blight. It can take over a group of toms in as little as six hours and totally devistate them overnight. Sorry to say this Gillianfoote but if the fruit themselves are brown then there is only one solution and that is to destroy the entire crop and straight away. (Do not put them in the compost bin) you should preferably burn them or at least bin them. If you were growing in the ground then you need to kill off the fungus that causes it by diluting something like Jays fluid in water and soaking the area with it. If you were growing in growbags then these to should go into the bin.
If you need any more help or have other questions then feel free to ask.
Good luck.....Ian

15 Aug, 2009


I hate to post this, but I had the identical problem.
I use to live in Ontario, NY and had the most lush, productive garden you can imagine. I started experiencing this problem on an annual basis.
I will spare you all the details, but it turns out that I had a very evil neighbor woman who would actually come onto my property in the middle of the night and spray not only my garden, but my entire 1/2 acre forest area with round up. It took years to convince my wife this was really happening and I was not crazy. Finally I had enough conclusive video evidence to convince us both.
One thing you can do is examine nearby plants for round up damage (usually curled leaves with a melted look). Also, put up a deer cam in a hidden area. I hope this is not what you're dealing with as this type of person seems to be a diabolical narcissist. God bless you.

15 Sep, 2017

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