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Cestrum nocturnum-lady of the night


By Mageth

sussex, United Kingdom Gb

came across this shrub while on has a wonderful scent at night. Has anyone grown this in the UK successfully? If so, any planting/care tips?

On plant Cestrum nocturnum




Someone once brought a sprig with flowers to me a few years ago back from their holidays that I correctly identified for them. Nice plant though of course the scent really only develops at night.

When I uk google searched it, one of the first websites that came up said Plants for conservatories and greenhouses. I think you have the crux of your answer there!

You could put it out for the summer though and you would do best taking cuttings now and again just to start new small plants off to keep in containers as the main one will most likely get over woody.

15 Aug, 2009


thanks Fractal

15 Aug, 2009

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