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Is this potatoe blight and what can be done..

N. Wales, Wales Wal

just noticed this on my pots, and think it must be blight , what can I do about it if anything....




my friend im sorry to tell you its blight i have a plot of spuds i spray religiously every week with dithane and last week the blight hit my polytunnel wiped out 200 tomato plants in 30 years of growing toms its never happened should have sprayed with dithane as well [toms and spuds are from the same family] my advise is dig the whole thing up try and save ur tubers and burn or dump the potato tops blight is an airborne virus i hope this is some help my friend

16 Aug, 2009


I am afraid that Ricky is right. It doesn't look too bad on the leaves yet so lift them as Ricky suggests and make sure to just keep the sound potatoes.

16 Aug, 2009


Oh and don't grow potatoes, or tomatoes where you grew the potatoes this year as the blight can live on in the soil.

16 Aug, 2009


Thank you very much for your advice (sob) will dig them out now and burn the tops this evening, I don't like putting chemicals on my veg so I suppose I'll have to just tub grow them from now on, sorry to hear about your toms Ricky its heartbreaking for me to lose a plant or two but a whole polytunnel?

16 Aug, 2009


Even growing in tubs you can get blight. We do not use chemicals on our food crops and just have to cross our fingers. Luckily for us where we live it is often very windy so there is less risk of blight.

16 Aug, 2009

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