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I've never grown tulips in pots before . . . do they prefer any special compost? Should I mix in sand or vermiculite, though I can't think why! Any advice gratefully received.



I grew some the first time last year,Sheila..also in pots..I used the same compost my bedding plants had been in..but I bought a small bag of Horticultural sand ,and put a handful under each bulb ,before helps to stop them rotting in the wet..I then decided to leave the pot as it was all summer..just moved it out of sight...and last week,I had a careful dig down,and they are still firm and with little bulbs growing on the main they have been fine,even with all the rain we have had....I am now going to plant some different bulbs on top now I know they are ok :o)..Hope this helps..

21 Oct, 2012


That's brilliant, Bloomer, thanks. Just what I needed to know! Btw, I'm buying the tulips from Coton Manor, because p&p is free, which seems like a good deal.

21 Oct, 2012


Hi Sheila, I grow mine in pots and I copied Carol Klein's way. I put a layer of compost in pot followed by a layer of grit/gravel, then put bulbs on this and another layer of compost, then more grit + more bulbs and a topping of compost, I then covered over pot to stop the pesky squirrel from digging and left them be, they were beautiful. I grew 'Queen of the night' and they were fantastic. Like B's. above the sand is similar to the grit it lets the wet through quicker...

21 Oct, 2012


Pleased it helped,Sheila..and G.mage's tip is a good one if you have either handy,it will be ok..November seems to be the preferred month for planting yours will just come at the right time :o)

21 Oct, 2012


I grew mine in a pot (bulbs just rot in the garden) - I used ordinary compost and mixed through a bit of grit through to help with drainage. All came up a treat last year - hoping for the same next :))
Good luck Sheila x

21 Oct, 2012


Yours will be lovely Sheila and they really don't need any special attention or special compost.

I love them in pots as they look so elegant.

21 Oct, 2012


Thank you so much Grandmage, Scottish and Wildrose: I will take your excellent advice! The tulips I chose from the Coton Manor website are Night Rider and Shirley . . . something to look forward to from my kitchen window in the Spring :))

22 Oct, 2012

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