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Thrips how to get rid of them?


By Davidp

United Kingdom Gb

i have lost 3 Dactylorhiza and nearly two of my disa orchids i have sprayed with translocating insecticide but its not stopping the larva from chewing the tubers to mush,can anybody help?



The dachtylorhiza will be in pots, David? Do you repot regulary into clean compost? I am not sure what a translocating insecticide is but there are insecticides that are thrip larva specific and there are predatory mites that feed on the larva.

16 Aug, 2009


yes all my orchids are in pots,i repot every year and thats how i have come to know that i had them,could you recommend an insecticide.I see your a fellow bulb lover,i generally grow sp gladioli and iris,but have loads of others.Thanks for your advice Bulbaholic

16 Aug, 2009


There are several insecticides avialable in the garden centres. Look at the information on the labels. I seem to remember that Bug Gun is suitable but this is not necessarily a recommendation.

16 Aug, 2009

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