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What can i put in my veg plot now?

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It is my first year of veg growing all th salad type veg has done really well. I came back from holiday to find my purple sprouting broccoli and callabrese infested by carterpillers you could not see the plant for them so I pulled the lot out! I have harvested my onions the beetroot is nearly all out and I now have an almost empty plot, what can I put in now?



Carry on growing salad, winter lettuce, Radishes, spring onions will all grow up to October, if you are in a warm area. You can also plant some spring cabbage.

16 Aug, 2009


remember to net cabbages or check weekly and remove all the little yellow eggs which will otherwise turn into caterpillars.autumn planted garlics can go in about mid oct.could also try spinach.....................steve

16 Aug, 2009

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