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my pelargonium has not flowered this year plenty of healthy looking green leaves but no flowers

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I re-potted it this spring in peat free compost



Too much is often written about the needs of plants and the medium within which they grow.
If I can grow Rhododendrons in alkaline soil, I'm sure you can grow Pelargoniums in anything too.
At this time of year, I would try a liquid feed, and I can think of nothing better than Tomorite.
Yes, that's tomato fertilizer!!!
If you still don't get flowers, and lots of them too, then you've discovered the first plant in nature that doesn't flower.
How of course it came into being would be the biggest question of all time, but that's another matter.
Also, don't plant it on it's own. Plants like friends, much like we all do.

16 Aug, 2009


I agree Burgundy.....plenty of sun and light, only water when the compost is dry....don't forget, plants only flower to reproduce themselves .....if its lush green and healthy, it doesn't need to.....

16 Aug, 2009

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