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Can I cut a Yucca down?

This plant has nearly reached the ceiling and is too big for the room it is in! can I cut it down without causing it irrepairable grief?

On plant Yucca elephantipes (I think)




Yes. Just lop it off. The plant will assume an animal has nibbled at it, and just keep growing.

8 Aug, 2007


Yes,I have cut down this plant and it has grown a double stem now and looking great. I did it late summer and it really took off the following spring.

9 Aug, 2007


In the past 50 years I have cut off the tops of many Y. elephantipes that have grown too tall. I plant the cut off top after allowing the cut to dry and they always reroot. The remaining part of the plant puts out new shoots, so that I end up with many plants to share with others.

24 Jun, 2009


Hi. Yes it does work. This last winter we left our Yucca E (which was about 7 feet tall and too tall for the sun room where it lived during the winter) out in the garden and it did not like the frost. However it remained alive although the top few inches really got damaged and many of the lower leaves turned brown. I was advised to "throw it out" but being a softee I said I'd try to save it. I cut off the damaged top and removed the totally brown leaves and left it out in the garden. Before long little buds began to appear all up the trunk (about 3inches in diameter) and particularly at the top. These all turned into mini yuccas and it is now growing well again. I'm hoping to root one of these into a new plant.

27 Oct, 2009

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