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Victoria pums


By Davefc

Taunton Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Victoria Plum tree at the end of the garden I had plenty of fruit 2 years ago none last year but this year its full again. My question is in two parts first of all I have noticed what I can only describe as what looks like a water droplet on the end of most of the plums but its hard to the touch does anyone know what this could be ?.
Secondly the plums have turned dark in colour and look ripe but are still quiet firm do I leave them on the tree or will they ripen if picked ? I am just a bit concerned that all the bugs will get to them first!



Lots of ours have droppped off the tree already, both firm and soft but still fairly sweet in taste - and I would just recommend making lots of jam and/or jelly!

16 Aug, 2009


keep getting the odd one of ,washing it and just try a little taste

17 Aug, 2009

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