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stop slugs from eating my flowers and how can i kill japenise weednot for good?

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i live in south wales and my garden is covered in what people call japenise weed-not. slugs keep eating my plants and flowers



Japanese knot weed is a real problem, once its there, its there! Eith dig up every piece with a fork not spade or else chopped bits will grow, and burn them. Your not allowed to bin plants or take them to the dump as its so invasive.
Or paint each leaf with weedkiller, but takes ages to work, or a way i control it is to chop the plants about 2 foot off ground and poor in weedkiller in to hollow stems.
This doesnt get rid of it but constant attacks are better than nothing.
Afraid once you ahve it growing, there is little way of removing it completely. sorry!

16 Aug, 2009


Wait until the leaves just start to turn yellow, then spray with glyphosate. May not kill quite all of it the first year but two years should do it. Slugs keep eating everybodies plants and flowers - control depends on whether you are organic or not.

16 Aug, 2009


slugs come out at night, so that's when you need to grab a torch and a pair of sciccors,and get looking , when you find a slug just cut it in two!!............steve

16 Aug, 2009


Japanese Knotweed is phenominally expensive to eradicate professionally, something in the region of 4 metre square = £10,000.
Yes it's that expensive!
Knowingly spreading this plant can incur a six month prison sentence!!!

Check out:

19 Aug, 2009

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