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One for Hwel
Ive sent you a PM Hywel but can't add photos. Can you (or anyone else) identify this please? Bigger than White Pixie and not as double as Mme Cornelissen

Fuchsia_query_1 Fuchsia_query_1



It's so difficult to identify them. There are so many similar ones.
It does look similar to Connie - a hardy double. Could also be Nicola Jane I suppose - but I'm not sure. It also reminds me of Hanna, but it isn't usually hardy, but maybe it is in Pembrokeshire.
Sorry I don't know ...

21 Oct, 2012


I'd not heard of Connie, but it does look very similar.
Its so hard to tell from internet pics as the colours are so very variable. The only thing that makes me hesitate is the tubes on mine look a bit longer than the Connie ones. However, Connie it is unless and until I find something more exact! Thank you very much.
I've got a nice little illustrated book but it "only" has 72 pictures in it.

I haven't forgotten your offer of cuttings - I just need to get around to going through them again, but its probably too late for this year now anyway! (Although I did root one very recently, much to my surprise)

21 Oct, 2012


Did you offer me some cuttings ? I can't remember lol.
I can wait for them - don't worry about them. Maybe the spring would actually be better for me to have them.

I've made a little list for you, of some red and white hardies, in the hope you may be able to identify yours.
Snowcap looks a good contender. I don't know why I didn't think of it last night. I used to have this one. It's a lovely variety.

Cardinal Farges - small flowers, Very compact plant.
Connie - large flowers. Light Foliage. Upright growth.
Mme Cornellisen - Small plant with strong growth.
Nicola Jane - Upright and bushy.
Phyrne - Large flowers. Dark foliage. Upright and bushy.
(This is a lovely one. I used to have it in my previous garden. I don't thonk yours is this one, but I've included it just incase)
Powder Puff - Mineature. Upright and bushy.
Santa Clause - Small blooms.
Snowcap - Grows about 2 - 3 feet tall.
(Your flowers remind me of this one also)
White Pixi - Small with yellowish foliage.

22 Oct, 2012


Gosh, so much fantastic information - thank you both! I have lots to check now, but it is so difficult as the colours on google are often all wrong and sometimes I'm sure the plants are wrongly identified anyway.
Hywel, no it was you who offered me some! I keep meaning to check your blog again to try to choose! I think you have all mine already.

Maybe some of your suggestions will be on there, and that will be a start. Pretty sure it isn't white Pixie anyway.
So many to choose from, I am back where I started! Its hard to be sure about habit because the poor plant has been rather overwhelmed by its neighbours and is leaning out of the way, so perhaps it will be easier to tell next year. It certainly isn't a tall one though. Bilbo, Hannah certainly looks very like it - hadn't heard of that one. Mine isn't flushed pale purple. The leaves are medium coloured and the sepals do not turn back.
See comment above re habit.

Maybe the answer is to get all of them - I do love the red and white ones. Only that would mean digging out a new flower bed...

22 Oct, 2012


You're probably on my list Steregram ... I must have a list because my memory is hopeless.

22 Oct, 2012


I ought to have one but don't - that's why I forget nearly everything!

22 Oct, 2012

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