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Tomato plants ....

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have LOTS of plants growing - and various varieties.... BUT the ARTIC plants have just begun to look a bit sad.... the lower leaves are curling up, going yellow and drying out (despite the fact they are watered daily as instructed!) and then I've just noticed that some of the side-stems(those that come off the main 'trunk') have started to go a browny-black colour. very weird. The fruit is still small but some of those have started to go brownish too. But my other tomato plants look very healthy, and theyve all been treated the same.



Sounds a little bit like blight! Can get this from damp humid conditions esp as its rained a lot.
Nothing can be done really, just bin or burn all affected foliage and toms left at end of season, and bin or burn any of the removed roa fallen manky leaves. Rain splashes the spores to other tomato plants too. Not good. Move un affected plants away form arctic ones if possible

16 Aug, 2009


Thank you fo that. I did move this one plant - but put it next to some others which are looking GREAT..... so will move it again pretty swiftly!

16 Aug, 2009


and keep away from spuds to as toms and spuds are related!

16 Aug, 2009


Will do! Actually didn't plant spuds this year because they took over too much last year (I didn't realise they got so big!) ..... so I just do a swap with a neighbour - she has some of my beans, I have her potatoes. Cool!

16 Aug, 2009

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