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Impatience (bizzy lizzy) - This is the 2nd year running where I have had problems with my bizzy lizzy's.

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The stalks go brown, the leaves/flowers fall off (or disappear) & we're left with just a skeleton plant with lots of buds that won't open. There was a lot of posts this time last year regarding this but nobody seem to know the answer. The problem seems to be affecting lot of people again. Last year I put it down to too much rain as we had a fortnight of solid rain. This year it's been quite dry. It isn't the soil as other flowers are fine, there are no known pests. Any ideas? I attach a photo showing a healthy plant next to a 'diseased' one.




I had this problem last year too and have read that it is a widespread virus affecting impatiens. They should be removed and disposed of but not composted. Impatiens should not be planted in the same spot next year. I have planted them elsewhere this year, so far so good. Begonias planted where the impatiens were last year are also OK.

17 Aug, 2009


Ah, thats interesting and very helpful. Thanks so much. Lovely cat by the way.

17 Aug, 2009


Thank you, she's called Daisy and is under house arrest today as there are baby blackbirds just out of the nest in the garden. Not a happy cat!
A second thought on the bizzy lizzies, it's odd if all the surrounding one's are still OK, maybe they have yet to succumb if it is the virus. Vine weevil grubs love them too and eat the roots but the healthy plant just goes suddenly wilted if it's that, rather than losing leaves. White grubs in the soil and no roots will verify if it is

17 Aug, 2009


hello, if you go to the R.H.S. site and type into the search bar" bizzy lizzies" you will find your answer on the fourth link down,you are looking for "impatiens downey mildew", i had the same problem last year when i lost all my bizzy lizzies and it took me ages to find out why, also if you look on page 13 on G,O,Y. you will see other replies, good luck

17 Aug, 2009

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