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Olive Tree


By Green70

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I have an Olive tree in a large terrocotta pot some of the leaves are going yellow and dropping off can anyone give me any help as I cannot find anything in my gardening books about olive trees.




I live in Spain and have 18 + Olive Trees in my garden.

Yellow leaves on any plant can be caused by improper irrigation, how much and how often is the Olive getting water? Are your trees looking like everyone else's around you?

How long have you had this tree in the pot, any chemicals been applied, are the leaves hanging and brown on the tree?

Olive trees store most of their energy in their leaves and you must not let weeds grow around the bottom of Olive Trees and cut any suckers that you may see.

It could also be Peacock Spot - an organism called Spilocaea oleaginea. This is a fungus disease that loves frequent rains and can cause yellow spotting on leaves and leaf drop.

It normally causes dark spotting with a halo around each spot, but sometimes the leaves just turn yellow and fall off too. Another leaf defoliating organism called Cercospora cladosporioides (Mycocentrospora cladosporioides) is also a fungus.

You can’t do anything to control it in the summer, but an application of fixed copper fungicide as early as possible after harvest and hopefully before most of the fall rains, is essential for good control. Complete coverage is necessary too. That means using a power sprayer with high pressure to cover the leaves on both sides, especially in the interior of the tree.

Might be worth testing the soil for any bad chemicals and if need be get down to the garden centre to see if there is a chemical you can use to prevent any fungus or disease :)

Hope that helps

19 May, 2008


Thank you for your help I will try some of your suggestions

19 May, 2008

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