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Is this a Hunting Spider?

Kincardineshire, United Kingdom Gb

I found one of the dogs having fun with this "beastie" this afternoon...and have to admit that I have never come across one before. I've had a prowl through my library (Ha!) and am wondering if it is the woodlouse hunting spider....if so - it is VERY welcome! Any suggestions welcome!




No idea but it is an amazing beastie!

17 Aug, 2009


Fantastic! Looks decidedly foreign to me. Can't find it in my book.

17 Aug, 2009


Yes - and my labrador was chasing it round the back could fairly run too...the beastie I mean!
Just had a look on Google and the nearest I could come up with IS the hunting spider right enough....(Dysdera crocata...if I have that correct!) ....but absent from northern Europe...eek! If it does live on woodlice - it will do well in this garden that's for sure!

17 Aug, 2009


It is a British native. Funnily enough, just cleaning out a border with wood (and lots of woodlice) today and guess what was also in there.....yes, one of these. Nearly took a pic with my mobile too.

Info on it's common but local distribution in the UK:

17 Aug, 2009


What a coincidence! I had a look at the link you supplied...for which many thanks... and am still laughing at the comment....
"Courtship of these spiders is often very aggressive. The male and the female have to be careful not to get injured by the other's jaws"
I would say so too! I figured if it nipped my labrador's nose- poor Di might know all about it...those jaws looked very menacing. It was quite a large specimen and I rather think it will be lurking/living in the coal/wood shed....good luck to her..I won't disturb!! I have never been bothered by spiders but it had a mean look about it!

17 Aug, 2009


It is pretty spectacular isn't it?!

I must have seen one of these when I was a kid as I can still remember telling my mother I saw a large red spider (5p piece sized body) on the path near the house. She didn't believe me of course especially as it had scarpered by the time she came out to look.

17 Aug, 2009


I hope its not that big,ive found them in the garden before but only the size of my thumb & i know they bite....i assume the pic has been magnified with a lot of pixels....otherwise you must have some big woodlouse up north LOL it looks like it ,i remember seeing bill oddie get bitten by one on his wild life progs. ;)

17 Aug, 2009


Oh gosh I wouldn't want to be you Alzheimer and Fractal... I'm dead scared of spiders!

18 Aug, 2009

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